Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer – Everything You Need To Know


Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main characters in the series. Then Inosuke hashibira was introduced to him, and the two became fast friends. Zenitsu was then Nezuko’s traveling companion and joined the Demon Slayer Arc to protect their loved ones.

Let’s discuss everything you need to learn about the Thunder Demon Slayer and why Zenitsu is the main character in the series.

Zenitsu’s Personality

Zenitsu is a cowardly man at first glance. He claims he would not live long because of his involvement in the dangerous Demon Slayer mission. His self-esteem is low, and, afraid of even the small things. Zenitsu, on the other hand, will not believe that Zenitsu killed his enemies.

Zenitsu appears in constant fear and cries even about the small things. He will stay in danger unassisted and will always try to avoid hazards. He also demonstrated that he wants to lead a common life without worrying about whether someone will kill him or may be killed by him.

Zenitsu is also very pessimistic about many situations. Zenitsu was especially angry at Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Inosuke in the Hashira Training Arc as they did not treat the situation seriously. Zenitsu, while not as powerful and as strong as he appears, is still one of the strongest characters and will do his best to prove it.

Jigorokuwajima, Zenitsu’s teacher, was also once a Zenitsu. He had an inner will to exonerate his sensei. Zenitsu has a problem with self-loathing, as he hates how weak and cowardly his actions are. It shows Zenitsu wants the best for himself, even though he is running from danger.

Zenitsu has a dream to become a womanizer. He wants to protect girls from problems. He could also risk his life to save a girl. Therefore, Nezuko was protected on numerous occasions. Zenitsu, even though he is awake, will abandon his weak personality to help any girl in trouble.

Zenitsu had a crush on Nezuko and protected her whenever she needed him. He shows respect for the women he opposes. Daki was told by Zenitsu to let go of the girl she abducted. Zenitsu, the only boy in the group, grew up within the village.

The Infinity Castle arc transformed when Zenitsu started to emit a more serious aura. After receiving a letter from Chuntaro regarding Jigoro’s murder and Kaigaku intention for his killing, Zenitsu became more serious and mature.

Zenitsu’s Featured Appearance

Zenitsu is a sweet young boy with lovely eyes that change from brown to gold. He has short, straight yellow hair. Each section of his hair is different, and the hair turned dark orange on the tips. Zenitsu used to have black hair with uneven bangs before joining the Demon Slayer Corps. His hair colour changed when he was trained, and struck by lightning. Shinobu gave Shinobu an antidote while he was fighting the Spider Demon Son. His body parts were affected by the poison and were suffering from swelling.

The Demon Slayer Corps uniform was of pale color with a yellow top and kimono. He likes Zenitsu’s overall vibe, triangular parent, and orange gradient. He also wears zori and pale brown socks.
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Zenitsu’s Powers & Abilities

Zenitsu is quite powerful as a demon slayer. Zenitsu can lose consciousness and can alter his ego which will come out to destroy all enemies. Zenitsu’s sleeping body, however, has shown him to be a calm and on-point person. This helped him defeat the tongue demons and the spider demon boy without the assistance of anyone.

The enemy’s attack, which was extremely powerful in its own right, also allowed him to defend everyone aboard the train. However, he was eventually able to defeat Daku after a few more months. The real power came when he fought with Kaigaku (the Upper-Rank Six). Kaigaku was decapitated before he could even react. Zenitsu was also able to get toe to toe with Muzan Kibutsuji, the strongest demon known to man. So, it is concluded that Zenitsu is at least as strong and as powerful as Hashira. Let’s now talk about his powers.

Strength and Endurance

Zenitsu’s strength is not due to hard training but years of practice. Zenitsu can hold Insouke Hashibora, one of the most durable characters in this series, by just using his hands. Zenitsu is also strong enough to jump high heights and use lightning-fast attacks to overwhelm his opponents.

He was able to show gratitude for his strength to destroy Muzan, who is the most powerful demon of all. Zenitsu is a demon in terms of his stamina, and endurance. Even after being bitten by lethal poison from the spider boy, he was able to fight. Daki also showed remarkable stamina when she was in combat with him.

Speed, Hearing, and Perception

Zenitsu has better hearing than dogs when we speak about Zenitsu. Zenitsu’s superhuman hearing abilities allow him to sense danger and enemies even at the smallest sounds. He’s able to fight even when he’s sleeping because of his sound detection system.

Now, we understand how Zenitsu was capable of defeating his enemies simply by closing his eyes. Zenitsu then senses emotions and thoughts through the sound they emit from their bodies. The sound produced by the demon can also be used for its identification. It makes him a powerful opponent for any demon.

Due to his lightning abilities, Zenitsu is most likely the fastest character in this series. He can travel faster than a human eye and is even faster than Kaigaku with his lightning Blood Demon Art.

Zenitsu’s Breathing Techniques

  1. First Form: Thunderclap or Flash
  2. Zenitsu uses the katana to attack his opponents in the first form. He then moves at high speed and decapitates
  3. them before they can react.
  4. Sixfold
  5. Zenitsu can use this variant of his first form six more times.
  6. Eightfold
  7. Zenitsu uses his original form eight times total to dominate his opponents.
  8. GodSpeed is another variation of the first, and it incorporates Thunderclap as well as Flash at a blistering fast
  9. speed. It was displayed in Zenitsu’s fight against Muzan when he used it twice while lethally damaging Muzan.
  10. Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami
  11. Honoikazuchi not Kami is Zenitsu’s one powerful attack. Zenitsu attacks this at flaming speed using only one
  12. slash followed by a Japanese Dragon Shaped Lightning Bolt.

Zenitsu Facts

  1. Zenitsu has excellent hearing and is skilled in playing Shamisen and Koto.
  2. Inosuke is also mis-spelt Zenitsu. He referred to him as Monisu (or Chuistu).
  3. Zenitsu can only learn one fixed-lighting breathing form.
  4. Zenitsu was once a city resident before joining the Demon Slayer Corps.
  5. Zenitsu fell for Nezuko at first sight.
  6. Zenitsu owes around 600,000. Yen to 7 of his ex-girlfriends.